Customers Keep Schaffer Motivated

Schaffer Manufacturing has set itself apart from the competition by taking the time to understand our business, using their knowledge to become a value-added partner as opposed to just another vendor.

We have been working with Schaffer Manufacturing for several years and have found them to be more than a supplier. They are also a partner with us. Schaffer not only provides the services we request; they also look for possible improvements that might be of value to their customers.

Your commitment to excellence really stands out. It makes my job much easier, knowing that the parts you produce for me will be of the highest quality and on time. Keep up the good work!

Schaffer Manufacturing has provided our firm with a platform for success by offering ‘quality first’ process services at competitive prices. Promptness, timely delivery, industry knowledge, quality assurance and price are all attributes that Schaffer has exemplified in our growing relationship with them. The part I like best is that they take a sincere interest in the success of our company. The management team at Schaffer Manufacturing treats us with open transparency, which is hard to come by. It gives you confidence in what they say. If there were to be an issue with service, I would feel comfortable that it would be resolved.