Looking For An Edge?

Put fabrication in the room with Design & Engineering

Some features and specs drawn up during product development are critical to functionality and performance. It’s easy to justify manufacturing costs connected to those key elements.

But a high percentage of features and specs are non-critical. Those decisions also create production and assembly costs.

It’s never too early to think about manufacturability. To deliver what is critical. But also to plan fabrication strategies and approaches that avoid unnecessary costs or quality risks attached to anything non-critical.

Reveal The Best Options

Every critical and non-critical design decision influences the production methods, dimensional tolerances, and material utilization techniques involved in making a component part.

Here are some ways to make fabrication an R&D function:

  • Rewire supplier relationships. Break boundaries and collaborate. Merge talents and specialties.
  • Be disruptive. The best time to do something better is when things appear to be working perfectly.
  • Ask for new ideas. Challenge the supply chain to think creatively on every job.