What Do Supply Chain Distractions Cost?

Inventory Can Work For You…Or Against You

Strategically managed inventory prevents long lead times from interrupting uptime, manufacturing throughput, or the time-to-delivery schedule. But coordinating and carrying inventory in-house also creates cost-management challenges and risks.

Pulling components from a supplier-managed inventory stocking program avoids carrying costs, and puts parts on the factory floor or in the field within days instead of weeks.

The only thing more powerful than manufacturing innovation and creativity is the system that put those advantages in your hands.


How efficiently could you drive your business if there were fewer inventory distractions in the manufacturing supply chain? Look for a fabricator with a track record in key performance areas, including:

  • Responsiveness. The capacity, systems and staff to deliver volume production.
  • Maneuverability. The agility to handle change and make modifications.
  • Efficiency. Production planning that optimizes cost reduction.