Schaffer Manufacturing Has Roots In Agriculture

Schaffer Manufacturing has grown up in the heart of the Midwest agriculture industry. We utilize our single-source, large-toolbox capability – combining heavy metal fabrication, sheet metal fabrication, painting, inventory management and transportation – to form strong collaborations with agriculture equipment manufacturers.

Especially with OEMs that require large, heavy weldments and complex assemblies.

Working with agriculture OEMs also gives us a front-row seat to the constant change that is part of bringing new farm equipment ideas to market. The Schaffer Engineering team works side-by-side with agriculture OEMs product developers to design for manufacturability, optimize functionality, and manage supply chain costs.

Schaffer is also an authorized and certified HARDOX® fabricator equipped to process the industry’s top abrasion resistant (AR) plate for wear-intensive agriculture equipment applications.

Schaffer Manufacturing fabrication for agriculture OEMs includes:

  • Cultivators
  • Harvesters
  • Planters
  • Seeders
  • Dump Carts
  • Tillage Blades
  • Bury Blades
  • Cable-plow
  • Replacement Wear Parts