Supplier-managed Inventory Caps Schaffer 'Single-Source Solution'

Single-Source, High-Volume Sheet Metal Fabrication Fits The Future of Data

Data processing and computing is moving to “the cloud,” but the infrastructure that makes it possible is earth-bound. Like computer servers – packing more power in an increasingly smaller hardware footprint – deployed on server racks in rapidly multiplying data centers and data center campuses.

Sheet metal fabrication at Schaffer Manufacturing includes lean- and cell-based manufacturing operations that enable streamlined, efficient and high-volume production of server rack components and assemblies.

A full range of fabrication and assembly services provide a single-source solution. Proven and continually refined strategies from material utilization through inventory management complete the Schaffer capability to provide customers with the cost benefits of high-volume manufacturing.

In addition to providing engineering, design for manufacturability and prototype services, Schaffer can scale up to volume production and inventory management.