Performance-Testing Is The Place To Get Fabrication Right The First Time

Product testing technology evolves constantly and rapidly. The equipment that simulates environment and stress conditions ­­to measure life expectancy and reliability requires increasingly sophisticated design and engineering.

As a result, it’s equally complex to fabricate test systems essential to developing high-performing products.

Schaffer Manufacturing is experienced in fabricating and assembling complex, chamber-type enclosures – including frames, stainless steel skins, insulating materials, gaskets and hardware – that make it possible to put products to a real-world test.

Fabricating sophisticated test equipment requires true vertical integration. From laser and water jet cutting to forming, standardizing dozens of assembly steps, and powder coating that achieves a lab-quality appearance. Schaffer fabrication strategies that keep pace with product test technology also use attention-to-detail and a thorough understanding of how end users apply simulations.