Is There Ever Enough Innovation?

Everything Can Be Manufactured Better

The first idea about how to make something should never be the only idea.

Think of the places you can’t take a product if factors like raising quality, lowering cost, and winning customers are limited by settling for the fourth- or fifth-best option on how to put a part or component together.

A supply chain involves hundreds of details. Fabrication needs to be one of the most reliable sources of strategic, difference-making innovation and creativity.


A manufacturing partner that helps you execute strategy – instead of simply making piece parts – leads with innovation and creativity.

Look for traits like these:

  • Changes the lens. Thinks bigger. Sees further than cutting and welding.
  • Finds the gaps. Expects to uncover opportunities to really move the needle.
  • Leans into the limits. Rethinks what’s possible. Focuses on outcomes, not the constraints.